Part Four of ‘The Congressman’s Daughter’. Grand Finale!

Chapter Ten

Jane caught at the banister and hung on until the dizziness passed.  Ever since they’d come home from Congressman Kelly’s dinner party, she hadn’t been feeling well.  Dazedly, she thought that something wasn’t right.  When she’d gotten out of the car, everything spun, and many-colored stars danced in her vision.  She’d climbed the stairs slowly, and not bothered with saying goodnight.  She needed to sleep.

Jane let go of the handrail and walked carefully down the hall, keeping close to a wall and steadying herself with one hand.  The world spun, and the icy feeling of anxiety inched its way up the back of her neck.  The stars appeared again, and a knot in her stomach tightened until she could hardly breath.

“Jane, are you alright?”

She spun around, then caught at the wall.  A black suited figure appeared in front of her.  “Agent Knight.”

The agent stepped closer.  “Jane, what’s the matter?”  His voice was tight, and worry furrowed his brow.  He peered into her eyes.  They were scared.

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Part Three of ‘The Congressman’s Daughter’

Chapter Seven

Jane stopped by the kitchen for a snack on the way to her room.  As she entered the room quietly, she noticed Agent Rook,  sitting alone at the small table.  She held her cell phone loosely in one hand, staring blankly at the black screen.  Jane stopped, feeling like an intruder.  Obviously something personal was troubling the agent.

A large tear landed on the table, and Jane turned away.  This was none of her business.  Best to leave now and give the woman some privacy. 

Despite her efforts to forget the scene, though, Jane couldn’t get it out of her head.  For the rest of the day she felt disturbed, noticing a gravity among the agents that was out of the ordinary.

Seeing Agent Knight walking down the hall, Jane hurried after him.  “Agent Knight!”  Despite their recent differences, she was the most comfortable asking him what the matter was.

He turned and Jane saw that his face was a little more serious than it usually was.

“Did something happen to Agent Rook?”

“Why do you ask?”  He replied as if surprised.

Jane peered at him closely.  “Am I not supposed to know?  Because I can tell something is wrong.”

He sighed.  She was not fooled.  “Agent Rook’s father has just passed away.  She is trying to get a couple of days off for the funeral, but so far, she hasn’t been successful.  Some of us are offering to take her duties, hopefully that will get her some vacation.”

Jane felt tears threaten.  “If it’s ok, will you tell her I’m sorry?”

“I will.  She’ll appreciate it.”  Agent Knight said kindly.

“Thanks.  If…” Jane hesitated.  “If there’s anything I can do, let me know.”  She hoped Agent Knight wouldn’t take this as a polite nothing.  She really meant it.

He nodded quickly, and Jane knew he didn’t believe her.  “If she can’t get off I want to know, will you tell me?”

As Agent Knight hesitated,  Jane continued.  “Maybe Daddy could talk to her supervisor, or something.”

“That would probably just get her in trouble, Jane.”  Agent Knight hated to discourage her, but it was better to tell her the truth.

Jane frowned.  “Is your supervisor that mean?”  She asked, a little put out.

He couldn’t help the laugh that slipped past his lips.  She had no idea.  If she ever met Black she would understand.  Agent Knight imagined her awkwardness in front of his stern superior.

Jane flushed hotly, but stuck to her point.  “You tell me if Agent Rook can’t get off.”  She ordered.

Agent Knight almost bristled under the commanding way she said it, but Jane didn’t care.  He shouldn’t have laughed at her.  She turned and walked away.

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Part Two of ‘The Congressman’s Daughter’

Chapter Four

Christmas was strange in the new house, with a few agents watching the proceedings.  But after the new year, Jane looked forward to a promised visit from Cassidy.

“Jane!”  Cassidy slammed into Jane and wrapped her arms around her tightly.  Jane squeezed back and blinked at the tears of joy that threatened.  She wasn’t going to cry in front of Agent Knight.  Again.  The girls hurried to the car and jumped in.  As Agent Knight put the car in gear, Cassidy turned to Jane.  “Tell me everything that has been going on, Jane!”

Jane cast a hesitant glance into the front of the car.  Does Cassidy not notice this stranger?  She wondered.

Cassidy followed her glance and understood.  She changed the subject.  “My flight was pretty good, I don’t care for all that security, though.  The poor lady sitting across from me was sick the whole way, I thought she was going to throw up.”  She chattered on until they arrived at the house, then Jane took her straight up to her room for a heart to heart talk.  Without anyone listening.

“What was the matter, Jane?”  Cassidy asked as soon as the door was shut.

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An Overdue Promise Fulfilled: Part One of ‘The Congressman’s Daughter’

I promised to post this story a long time ago, and I’m just now fulfilling that pledge. I’m sorry it took me so long, hope you enjoy it.


Sixteen year-old Jane Grant held the dummy firmly as her father’s blows landed on target again and again.  The smack of his fists echoed in the martial arts studio.  Finally the instructor called for a halt.

“Well done, James.  You’re improving.  You haven’t quite caught up with Jane here,” the Sensei winked at her mischievously, “but you’re improving.”

Mr. Grant laughed between breaths as he panted from exertion.  “Thanks, Jack, I’m flattered.”

Jane grinned at her father.  “Maybe you’ll catch up one of these days, Daddy.”  She joked as she put on her shoes and gathered up their gym bag.  “Can I drive home?”

Jack waved, and Jane and her father exited into the warmth of a Texas evening.

“Jane, there’s something your Mom and I have been praying about, and before we come to a decision, I wanted to see what you think.  If I go ahead with it, it’s going to change a lot of things for us.”  Mr. Grant said slowly as Jane backed the car out of the parking lot.

Jane was honored that her father valued her opinion enough to confide in her.  Especially if the subject was as important as his voice betrayed.

“What is it, Daddy?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking about running for congress.”

Jane was taken by surprise, but she trusted her parents.  “It’s up to you and Mama.  I’ll support whatever you decide on.”

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My First Venture into Tracie Peterson

Every historical fiction reader has heard this name, and quite frankly, I just figured she couldn’t really be that good. I don’t know why I had that prejudice, but I did. Anyway, last time I was at the library, I picked up a couple of her books to see if she could change my mind. The two books I got were: Treasured Grace, and: Beloved Hope from Mrs. Peterson’s Heart of the Frontier series. Here are their back covers, and what I thought about them and the writing.

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Book Review! “An Uncommon Courtship” By Kristi Ann Hunter

Details: An Uncommon Courtship is book 3 in the Hawthorne House series by Kristi Ann Hunter. It is a regency romance novel with a strong faith base.

What I Thought: Again, Kristi Ann Hunter is amazing! This book doesn’t have as much action as the first two, but the characters are great! Adelaide had my sympathy at once, and Trent was swoon-worthy, as are all of the Hawthorne men.

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A Thought on Psalm 50:23

“He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me;
And to him who orders his way aright
I shall show the salvation of God.” – Psalm 50:23

Being thankful is honoring to the Lord because it testifies to the fact that He is good, and takes care of His people. The world doesn’t understand how much God loves them, and half the time, the church doesn’t either, but realizing how many things He has blessed us with will lead you into a happier life with less regrets.

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Book Review! “An Elegant Façade” By Kristi Ann Hunter

Details: An Elegant Façade is book 2 in the Hawthorne House series by Kristi Ann Hunter. It is a regency romance novel with a strong faith base.

What I Thought: I love this book so much! It’s just as compelling as the first, and I loved Georgina’s character. Her insecurities, and the way she hides who she truly is not only fascinating, but for me personally, relatable, as I can tend to be reserved. I loved getting to know Colin, since I was curious about him after I met him in A Noble Masquerade.

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Book Review! “A Noble Masquerade” By Kristi Ann Hunter

Details: A Noble Masquerade is book 1 in the Hawthorne House series by Kristi Ann Hunter. It is a regency romance novel with a strong faith base.

What I Thought: If I could give this book ten, I would. This is the second book I’ve read by this author, the first one, I didn’t care for, but this one was amazing! Seriously, her writing is some of the best I’ve ever read. This is one of my favorite books. Ryland is incredibly attractive, and Miranda is so relatable. I can’t put into words just how much I love this story. The Hawthorne’s are one of the best families in the fiction realm.

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The Letters of Sarah Norman: The Third Letter


I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner, I’ve been trying to find a way to hide Fredrick from Mrs. Sheepshanks and her cat.

There is a tiny knot-hole in the side of my writing desk, and I’ve been endeavoring to coax Fredrick into it. The hole leads to a small cupboard for stamps, but I’ve put some scraps of fabric there in the hopes he will make a nest. And perhaps bring his little friend from the hedge.

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