Raising Godly Children: A Child’s View


Most parents don’t know how much their kids imitate them; every action, every word, every tone of voice is noticed by their child. This statement isn’t meant to scare you; it’s meant to energize you to be a better parent and Christian. You’re not being stalked, you are being the example of a godly (or ungodly) grown up, which is what your child wants to be. I don’t remember who said it, but I’ll always remember hearing someone say: ‘We shouldn’t try to raise godly kids, we should try to raise godly adults.’ Like it or not, your kids will grow up. They have a habit of doing that.

When I was growing up, I remember going to church with my parents. I watched everything they did and then imitated it. I still remember thinking about them when I was little, and I was firmly convinced that my Dad could do anything he wanted to. In my mind he was the strongest, smartest, biggest man ever: He was my hero. I thought my Mom was the wisest, most loving, and most perfect woman in the world. Of course I knew they weren’t perfect. They taught me that only one Man was ever perfect, that only one Man was the world’s hero. But aside from that one Man, Jesus Christ, my family is number one. And today, at fifteen, I still think of my Mom and Dad in the same way.

Please, instill in your child the godly values that my parents have taught (and still are teaching) me: Faith in the Lord, honesty, obedience, thankfulness, kindness and contentment.

Every child wants to ‘be like mommy or daddy’, so make the most of this time you have on earth. Teach and demonstrate these godly values to your child. I can tell you, no one will ever take your place as a parent, no matter how inadequate you feel.



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  1. Sharon Schatz says:

    You are so wise for your age Emily! I love your parents! They are wonderful people! I grew up with your mom in Oklahoma.

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