True Royalty

The Lord has really been speaking to me about the actions of a true Princess, the daughter of the King of kings.  Really, we tend to think of a princess as some limp-wristed girl with a pointy hat and a pink dress (nothing against pointy hats and pink dresses). This imaginary girl gets locked in a tower and must be rescued by a knight in shining armor, which she marries after fainting a couple of times.

But that is not what a true Princess looks like.

Let’s try this picture instead: A Princess is sent by her Father to rule a city. Her grace and mercy are unmatched throughout the land, and she rules the city justly, passing righteous judgment on those who transgress against her Father’s laws. She is strong (Prov. 31:25) and she honors her Father in all she does. She is not idle (Prov. 31:27); she regularly looks after the citizens of the city. Her hands are not weak (Prov. 31:13/19); she does not let others do her work. She knows when she is doing what her Father desires; her heart is in tune with His (Prov. 31:30). She helps those who are in need (Prov. 31:20); she is ready to pull them out of the mire if they will let her. She is not afraid (Prov. 31:21); she has a strong mind that is not given to fear. She is wise and responsible; she knows she will render an account to her Father and she knows she has done His will. She is honest (Phil. 4:8); she does not lie in word or action. People trust her (Phil.4:8); they know she will tell them the truth. She has a pure motive (Phil. 4:8); her love for her Father banishes any self-seeking desires. She is not tainted by the darkness of this world, because she is full of light: the light of Christ.

This is an image worth trying to be like. We are all given a city: our realm of influence, whether it is our home, our work place, our church or school, we all impact the people around us. True Royalty is not supposed to be rare, we are all supposed to be like Jesus and Jesus is a Prince: the Prince of Peace, royalty at it’s very best. As daughters of the King, we should try to rule our realm of influence as shown in Proverbs 31 and Philippians 4:8. We should also remember that ruling our realm of influence does not make us in charge of other people. Our Father will not force anyone to do anything, and neither should we. True leaders, and true Princesses, are servants of the people they lead or rule, just like Jesus was the Creator of all, but He served.

Sisters, I hope this will bless and encourage you, just as I have been blessed and encouraged by this revelation.



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