What If I Don’t Feel Saved?

Well, I think everyone has gone through that at one point. I know I have.

The thing is, when we don’t feel saved we are looking at ourselves. We don’t feel saved on our own, because we don’t deserve to be saved. But Jesus paid the price anyway. It’s all because of Jesus. So look at Him.

Jesus gave you all the perfection He possessed so that you and I could be in right standing with God. When we don’t feel saved it’s because our adversary wants us to doubt our redemption. If we doubt, it opens us up for an attack.

Think of it this way:

Joanna has a beautiful house that is well built and has just been remodeled. She loves her house and decides never to sell it.

But here comes the bad guy: Gary wants the house too. He knows that it is a perfect house, but he wants Joanna to sell it, so he goes to Joanna and begins to point out imaginary flaws in the house.

Now Joanna can believe Gary and say, “Wow, I didn’t know this house had so much wrong with it. I’ll take whatever you think it’s worth.” Or she can remember that she’s had it remodeled and trust the construction workers who did the work and see that Gary is a liar who just wants a good house for cheap.

Faith is trusting that God has redeemed you even when you feel a wreck. Feelings are not reality; they are just flimsy glasses you see the world through. You can choose to see yourself the way God sees you regardless of the way you feel, or, you can unconsciously decide that you are not saved because you don’t feel like it, regardless of what God says.

I hope this encourages you to trust God no matter what you feel!

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