Being God’s Princess is not for the Faint of Heart

Well, I sort of disguised the title so that I would trick some girls into reading this post. Yeah, I know, trick is a rough word. Because I want girls to keep reading this, I will refrain from offering any explanation and get right to the point.

So, admit it. When someone says God’s Princess, you think of this:


But how many of us young women think of this:


Or this:


Or this:


Or even this (for those of us who like a little action):



Wouldn’t we all like to be like that?


Think of it this way; in the movie Lord of the Rings, I’m sure quite a few young ladies think of Arwen as their favorite character. Wouldn’t we all agree that Arwen is a very regal sort of person?



Is she strong? Is she dedicated? Is she wise? Is she a good leader?

Yes, she is all of those things, and more.

  • She is strong enough to defy ring wraiths.
  • Dedicated to Aragorn and her father.
  • She is wise in her advice to Aragorn.
  • As Elrond’s daughter, her role would often be to lead servants, and as the wife of the King when Aragorn was crowned, she would be looked up to as the queen. Many women would follow her example.

Would you consider Arwen a Princess? I would. Only a Princess could be as responsible as she is. She was willing to take responsibility for her actions.

Doesn’t it seem a bit odd then that most people think being a Princess is only a little girl thing when the word is used in relation to Disney princesses or being God’s Princess?

Being a Princess is so much more than what is usually portrayed. Being a good Princess is hard work.

Proverbs 31 tells us what a truly royal woman looks like, and let me tell you, that is a high standard.

A truly royal woman is described as:

  • Being able to keep her husband’s heart safe.
  • She is a hard worker, ready to take on a new task and accomplish it well.
  • She is kind to people. Not simply nice, but kind. And she is not afraid of reaching into the mire to help them.
  • She is emotionally strong. She does not take offence easily, and she is not frightened easily because she knows the Lord is her strength.
  • She is honorable, someone to look up to.
  • She is joyful.
  • She is wise; people come to her for advice. She is known for her truthfulness, and for her faithful heart for the Lord.
  • She is diligent. She keeps moving forward in the place God has for her.
  • And lastly, God amply rewards her by the fruit her life bears.

There is a definite need for real Princesses in this world: Young women who are known for their devotion to the King of Kings.

And, here are a few easy ways to start thinking and acting like one:

  • Make Jesus your King; obey Him just like a real Princess would obey her Father.
  • Renew your mind to God’s purpose for your life through reading the Bible.
  • Trust Jesus to change your heart.
  • Think of the consequences of your actions. Decide whether or not they portray your Father well.


I hope this helps you realize that you really are special and necessary to God’s kingdom. Don’t be afraid to show others real royalty!

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  1. Mama says:

    You are “all glorious within”, Emily!

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks Mama!

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