In The Coffee Shop Part 1

Coffee Mug

I sat down in an old chair and set my hot chocolate on the table in front of me.  By cupping my hands around the insulated mug I was able to thaw them out a little.

Wisps of steam touched my face as I took the lid off and bent over the cup to smell the rich chocolaty aroma.  The steam made my cheek wet as it hit my cold skin, and I wiped it away.

Normally the chilly air wouldn’t have bothered me, but I had taken an extra long walk this morning, and ended up farther away from home than I had intended.  I pulled the long neck on my sweater higher.  I would have a long walk back, but I kind of liked it.  I should come this way more often.

The peace of the coffee shop  relaxed my shoulders, and I sat watching the baristas mix orders and joke with their customers.  One employee in particular caught my attention.  He was a little taller than medium height, with light colored hair.  Clean shaven, with a finely chiseled face, he was good looking without being too handsome.  He was serving an older man and the customer’s gruff humor was answered quickly by the younger man.

I smiled.

The old timer joined several friends at a table and the young man went on with his work.

I turned back to my hot chocolate and took a sip.  The hot liquid scalded my lips and I winced.  Still too hot.  What was the good of taking a hot drink on a walk if it was always too hot to drink?

I got up and went to the counter, standing awkwardly to one side as another customer was served.

“I can help you over here.”  The barista I was watching earlier motioned me over.

I approached a little shyly.  “Thanks, could I have an empty cup?  I brought a drink, but it’s too hot, and I want to cool it off.”

He reached over and handed me one with a smile.  I thanked him again and went back to my seat.  I poured a little of my drink into the cup and blew on it.

As I drank my hot chocolate, I tried not to watch the young man.  But people were so interesting, that I couldn’t help it.

When my drink was gone I glanced reluctantly at the old pocket watch attached to my key chain. I would be late to work if I didn’t hurry.  I grabbed my thermos and cup and made my way to the door, glancing back and promising myself that I would come back.

The young man looked up as I opened the door, when he saw that I was leaving he smiled and waved.  I smiled back, and then stepped out into the brisk air.

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4 Responses to In The Coffee Shop Part 1

  1. Grandpa says:

    so far so good. I liked it. I love my little bean

  2. Lydia says:

    Oh yes! Coffee shops! I work at one, so they hold a special place in my heart. Good job with the story. <3

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