In the Coffee Shop Part 2

Coffee Mug

Of course I went back the next day.  I couldn’t help it, even if I’d wanted to.  The coffee shop was exactly what I had been needing; a place to relax and rest on my walks.

When I entered, the delicious smell of fresh coffee greeted me in a great billow of warm air.  Ahh.  My mind instantly softened into rest.  Maybe it wasn’t the coffee shop itself, but the way I looked at it that affected me this way.  Whatever it was, I enjoyed the peace and quiet I had associated with this place, and I fell in love with it.

I hadn’t brought a drink today, since it would seem awkward to spend so much time at a coffee shop and never buy anything, so I walked up to the counter and ordered a chocolate latte from a young girl who took her job very seriously.

She assured me that my latte would be done soon, but that it would be a minute, so I sat down at the table I had chosen the day before and waited.  A business man came in with a couple of colleagues and as they ordered and sat down I watched them subconsciously, my brain floating in a sort of fog created by lack of sleep.  Yesterday’s busy work day was catching up to me, and I leaned my head against the wall, partially supported by one hand.

Someone clearing their throat jerked me out of the trance I’d slipped into.  My latte was placed in front of me, and I looked up quickly with a smile to thank them.  It was the young barista I’d seen yesterday.

He smiled a little laughingly.  “Looks like you need that coffee.”  He joked.

“I do, but maybe I should have gotten something a little stronger than a latte.”  As I spoke, I felt my cheeks turn pink.  I wasn’t used to talking to strangers much.

He seemed very comfortable talking to me. “I see you came back, do you come this way often?”

“I take a walk every day.  Yesterday I came farther than usual and stopped in to get warm.  It was so nice in here I wanted to come back.”

“That’s what we want!”  He held out his hand.  “I’m Ethan.”

I shook his hand quickly, “Emma.”

He smiled at the fact that both of our names started with the same letter, but didn’t mention it.  “Hopefully I’ll see you around.”

I nodded, and he went back to the counter, while I went back to my coffee.

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