In the Coffee Shop Part 4

The first thing I did when we got home was call my boss.  Maybe, if I let him know right away, and told him I’d be there as soon as possible, he wouldn’t fire me.

Ethan helped me to the couch and I pulled off my gloves so that I could dial my boss’s number.

The phone rang twice, then a rough voice answered.  “Hello.”

I cleared my throat.  He sounded like he was in a good mood, but I could never be sure.  “Hello, this is Emma Clark.”

“Yes?”  He asked suspiciously.

“I’m so sorry about this, but I sprained my ankle badly.  I won’t be able to make it to work on time, I’ll come as soon as I can, I promise.”

The string of profanity that answered my apology made me hold the phone away from my ear.  Ethan looked at me curiously, and I grasped at my emotions, trying to keep my cool as names that don’t bare repeating thundered out of the phone.  Some of them were so loud that I couldn’t help hearing, and I knew Ethan could too.  I turned the volume down.

A break in the rant made me put the phone up to my ear again and try to reason politely.  “Sir, I apologize, I’ll come as fast as I can, I just don’t have a car, and so I am going to be late-“

Another outburst, and I winced.  My nerves were wearing thin, and I forced myself not to retort.  The only problem with that was now I wanted to cry.  I hung up.  My boss knew I was going to be late, and there was no reason to listen to his abusive language.

Ethan’s expression told me that he was thoroughly disgusted with what he had heard, but all he said was, “I’m going to get my car, be ready when I come back, and I’ll drop you off wherever you tell me to.”

I thanked him gratefully, and as he shut the door behind him I hobbled around the house doing last minute things before he got back.

I hopped to the car as Ethan pulled up and slid into the seat.  A few minutes of driving brought us to the door of my work.  Again, I expressed my thanks and Ethan brushed it away.  “No problem.”  He said with a smile.  “I’m glad I came looking for you.  What if you hadn’t been able to make it back to your house?”

I pushed my door open and carefully stepped out of the car.

Just at that moment, the door of the building swung out and my bad tempered boss came striding out.  He saw me, and his face darkened.

I glanced at the time and was surprised, I wasn’t that late after all, it was 8:10.

“I almost got here in time.”  I commented a little uneasily, but still trying to be cheery.

My boss glowered.  “Get your-“  The foul words ripped out of his mouth as he told me what he thought.  “out of here before I-“  More oaths.

I snapped.  “Enough!  I’m sick of you, don’t you ever cuss me again.”

The heat rose to the man’s face and he took a step forward.  I hobbled a step back, he looked really mad, and it scared me.  I backed up against the car and fumbled for the handle.  The man took one more step toward me and raised his hand, then suddenly Ethan was between us, and he was taller than my boss.

“Back away, sir.”  Ethan’s quiet steely voice halted my boss in his tracks.  He blustered for a minute, then found his temper again.  “That-“  Even with his expanded vocabulary he couldn’t think of anything bad enough to call me.  “That idiot, is fired!  And I don’t ever want to see her again!”

Ethan nodded understanding.  “Very good, sir.  If Miss Clark has any personal possessions in this establishment, they can be returned at the coffee shop two blocks from here.  Thank you for your time.”  He turned and opened the door for me, and I hopped into the seat.  Before he shut the door, Ethan flicked the switch to lock me in, and my boss out.  Then he got into the driver’s seat and started the car.  We had pulled out of the parking lot before either of us spoke.  Then it was Ethan.  “Looks like you’ve got the day off.”  His mouth slid into an easy smile, then he frowned.  “That guy has the foulest mouth I’ve ever heard.”

I smirked.  “Its been educational working for him.”  I felt free, and I wanted to do something crazy.  Finally!  I was fired!  I couldn’t believe I was so happy to lose my job, but I was.  I leaned back and sighed happily.  “It feels so good to never have to go back.”

Ethan began to laugh, and so did I.   There wasn’t really a reason to laugh, but it felt good.

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