Make Your Own Skin-toner

I use this twice a day, and it has really made a difference in how often I get breakouts. It has also made my skin softer and smoother. Just apply after you wash your face, let it absorb into the skin and then use whatever moisturizer you like.

Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Filtered Water, and pure Lavender Essential Oils*.

Instructions: Combine one part Apple Cider Vinegar and two parts Filtered Water (I think I did like 1/3 Cup ACV and 2/3 Cup water). Shake in a few drops of Lavender Oil (not too much, I probably did five to seven drops), put into a cute bottle, and store at room temp. Done!

*Make sure the Lavender is pure, and safe for you to use directly on your skin.

I found this recipe on the blog ‘Don’t Mess With Mama’ under DIY facial toner. She has variations of the recipe for different skin types and a bunch of other cool DIY stuff, so check her out.

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