That Moment You Realize Your Book is in at the Library

Isn’t it just like Christmas in the middle of the year when you get the notification: the title you had on hold is available for pick up. Does anyone ever read the following dates and small print? I know I don’t. I figure out just how soon I can get there.

And isn’t it torture when you can’t get to town until tomorrow? Worse yet, when you don’t see the notification and they send it back! That is pretty much a bookworm’s worst nightmare.

Oh, the joy when the librarian slides your precious, long-awaited present across the counter and you finally get to hold it! I always want to start reading it as soon as I get into the car for the drive home, but I know I’ll get car sick, so I wait for a few more agonizing minutes until I’m safely in my dent on the couch and then I crack open the cover for the first time…and devour it. Preferably in one sitting.

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  1. Mama says:

    Hahaha! Yep, that’s my girl ❤ 📖 ❤ 📖 ❤ 📖 ❤ 📖 ❤

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