You Know You’re An Austen Fan When…

  • Every situation in your life can be boiled down to a quote from ‘Pride and Prejudice’,
  • You know what the word ‘diverted’ means…
  • And how to use it in a sentence,
  • The voice in your head speaks with an English accent,
  • You insult people by telling them ‘I send no compliments to your mother’,
  • You are especially gracious to rude young men in case they are Mr. Darcy,
  • You dream of a double wedding,
  • Your dream wedding ceremony starts with ‘dearly beloved…’
  • You want a corset…
  • And a high waisted gown,
  • You wish you had the time to pick chamomile while talking to your mother about your sister’s dashed romance,
  • You worry about your reputation in ‘society’…even if no one else does,
  • Going on walks in the country is on your list of to-do’s,
  • Writing letters by hand, and preferably with a steel pen and ink, is appealing,
  • You wish men actually wore nice things on a daily basis,
  • You wish that Lizzy would have smacked Wickham instead of letting him kiss her hand,
  • Hertfordshire is on your bucket list of places to go

If you relate to any of these things, or think of other defining traits of Austen fans, please comment!

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2 Responses to You Know You’re An Austen Fan When…

  1. Lori says:

    Definitely agree with these! Especially love the quotes, the dresses, the country walks, and the men always dressing nicely…I will add my bits…You know you’re an Austen fan when you wish everyone these days was as proper and displayed the excellent manners of Emma Woodhouse or Jane Bennet or Mr. Knightly or Colonel Brandon…when your alarm ring tone is the song from the opening credits of the 1995 version of P&P…when you can explain the differences between 4 different movie versions of P&P…when you can explain the differences between the 1995 version of P&P (the indisputed best version) and the book…when you wear shirts with Austen quotes, drink tea from Austen cups, and play Austen card games…and when every book you read is held up against the gold standard of Pride and Prejudice (they all pale in comparison). Yes, you are a definite fan 😀 (and so am I!) Thanks for letting me play along…It was excessively diverting.

    • Emily Annesley says:

      These are great! Yes, I’m a very enthusiastic fan. Thank you for introducing me into the world of Austen, I love you!

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