Book Review! “An Uncommon Courtship” By Kristi Ann Hunter

Details: An Uncommon Courtship is book 3 in the Hawthorne House series by Kristi Ann Hunter. It is a regency romance novel with a strong faith base.

What I Thought: Again, Kristi Ann Hunter is amazing! This book doesn’t have as much action as the first two, but the characters are great! Adelaide had my sympathy at once, and Trent was swoon-worthy, as are all of the Hawthorne men.

Back Cover: Life for Lady Adelaide Bell was easier if she hid in her older sister’s shadow–which worked until her sister got married. Even with the pressure of her socially ambitious mother, the last thing she expected was a marriage of convenience to save her previously spotless reputation.

Lord Trent Hawthorne couldn’t be happier that he is not the duke in the family. He’s free to manage his small estate and take his time discovering the life he wants to lead, which includes grand plans of wooing and falling in love with the woman of his choice. When he finds himself honor bound to marry a woman he doesn’t know, his dream of a marriage like his parents’ seems lost forever.

Already starting their marriage on shaky ground, can Adelaide and Trent’s relationship survive the pressures of London society?

The Style: I loved this book so much! It wasn’t as light as the first two, but it still had the perfect blend of gravity, humor and romance. I was very impressed with how well the author handled the marriage of convenience aspect, since I can imagine it would be awkward to navigate.

The Moral of the Story: Trent struggles to know how to lead his heart to loving Adelaide when he was never given the chance to get to know her, and as he seeks counsel and prays, his wife fights her own battles. Adelaide wants to be her own woman, but her position-hungry mother and older sister keep dragging her back into meek passivity. I enjoyed seeing her finally stand up to them, and watching the change from pawn to courageous individual.

Who Should Read This: This book tends to be more…steamy. They are a married couple, and as such, there are non-detailed references to marital things. It would be wise for young women to seek advise before reading, or have their mother read it first. There is also one detailed kiss. Definitely seventeen and up, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone younger.

All in All: If you’re ready for this book, you won’t be disappointed.

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