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You Know You’re An Austen Fan When…

Every situation in your life can be boiled down to a quote from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, You know what the word ‘diverted’ means… And how to use it in a sentence, The voice in your head speaks with an English … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Skin-toner

I use this twice a day, and it has really made a difference in how often I get breakouts. It has also made my skin softer and smoother. Just apply after you wash your face, let it absorb into the … Continue reading

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A Word of Advice Concerning Earbuds

Of course, earbuds are handy. They’re convenient, quiet, and they give you privacy. Sometimes a little too much. Beware that you don’t listen to anything with them in, that you wouldn’t listen to with them out. If you would be … Continue reading

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A Joke You Won’t Understand Unless You Play Euchre

Q: Why did the euchre player cross the creek? A: Because he didn’t have next! Explanation: Euchre is a card game that is usually played by four players in teams of two, with approximately half a deck of cards. Players … Continue reading

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It’s Going to be OK

So often nowadays, it seems like stress is driving people up the wall.  They struggle with trying to juggle their crazy, busy lives with their job, family and hobbies and friends. I think it’s time to slow down a little … Continue reading

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Ellie Coulter Part 5

This is the fifth of an 11-part short story based on the characters of author Susan K. Marlow’s Circle C Adventures and is posted on her blog Part 5. Chad’s family is beautiful. They welcomed me without a second thought. Supper … Continue reading

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What If I Don’t Feel Saved?

Well, I think everyone has gone through that at one point. I know I have. The thing is, when we don’t feel saved we are looking at ourselves. We don’t feel saved on our own, because we don’t deserve to … Continue reading

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About Me

  Hello, I’m Emily.  I’m a Christian writer, and this is my blog.  My goal as an author is to create godly, clean characters that young women can admire, look up to and emulate. I love to read, act, play … Continue reading

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