Knitted Washcloth

Knitted Washcloth


1 ball of Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton yarn (95 yards.) in any color,

Pair of size 7 knitting needles


Yarn needle

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Upcoming Posts! The Congressman’s Daughter

I’m working on polishing up a 17000 word story that I will be posting parts of in probably the next few weeks! This story is called: The Congressman’s Daughter.


Jane Grant’s perfect life is turned upside down when her father runs for Congress. His only child, she is now the object of his enemies’ threats, and Agent Benjamin Knight is assigned to protect her. There’s only one problem. Jane doesn’t want to be protected. Surrounded by Secret Service agents, and struggling to keep her father’s attention and her former freedom, Jane knows there has to be a way out of this mess. But she is definitely not going to let Agent Knight into her life. He doesn’t belong there. Or does he?

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In The Coffee Shop Part 5 (Conclusion)

Although I was glad to be fired, there was a downside:  I didn’t have a job anymore.  But I still had to eat, pay property taxes, a phone bill, and an electric bill.  So, I started job hunting, but no one wanted to hire me, because when they called my boss, he gave them such a bad report that it made it look like I was going to ruin their business.  On the verge of applying at the nearest fast food restaurant, and one step ahead of being late on some bills, Ethan called me.  “Have you found a job yet?”

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Book Review of Pride and Prejudice

This is pretty much my favorite book of all time, so of course I had to review it first! This is Jane Austen’s most popular book, and the first one she wrote, although Sense and Sensibility was published first.

My Rating: Five stars

My Summary: The second of five sisters, Elizabeth Bennet is her father’s favorite. She’s lively, witty, and a lady through and through. But alas, not all her family is as respectable as they ought to be, and, through no fault of her own, her gentle sister Jane’s budding romance has seemingly collapsed. Elizabeth blames it all on the haughty Mr. Darcy, who is openly scornful of the Bennet family. To add to all this, a charming new acquaintance reveals shocking information about the proud man whom even ten-thousand pounds a year cannot make attractive.

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A Word of Advice Concerning Earbuds

Of course, earbuds are handy. They’re convenient, quiet, and they give you privacy. Sometimes a little too much.

Beware that you don’t listen to anything with them in, that you wouldn’t listen to with them out. If you would be embarrassed to be found watching or listening to something, don’t do it. You’ll save yourself regret and keep yourself cleaner inside.

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A Joke You Won’t Understand Unless You Play Euchre

Q: Why did the euchre player cross the creek?

A: Because he didn’t have next!


Euchre is a card game that is usually played by four players in teams of two, with approximately half a deck of cards. Players are dealt five cards, and the dealer has four left over, he turns up the top card of the ‘left-over’ pile and the other players, beginning with the player on his left, have the chance to decide whether or not to ‘order up’ that card, in which case all the cards of that suit are ‘trump’. If everyone passes, the dealer puts the card face-down, and the player on his left picks a suit of their choice to become ‘trump’. Generally, if the first card turned up was, say, hearts, then ‘next’ would be diamonds. But if the player doesn’t have any diamonds, they would ‘cross the creek’ and pick a different suit to be ‘trump’. Thus, if you didn’t have ‘next’, you would ‘cross the creek’!

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In the Coffee Shop Part 4

The first thing I did when we got home was call my boss.  Maybe, if I let him know right away, and told him I’d be there as soon as possible, he wouldn’t fire me.

Ethan helped me to the couch and I pulled off my gloves so that I could dial my boss’s number.

The phone rang twice, then a rough voice answered.  “Hello.”

I cleared my throat.  He sounded like he was in a good mood, but I could never be sure.  “Hello, this is Emma Clark.”

“Yes?”  He asked suspiciously.

“I’m so sorry about this, but I sprained my ankle badly.  I won’t be able to make it to work on time, I’ll come as soon as I can, I promise.”

The string of profanity that answered my apology made me hold the phone away from my ear.  Ethan looked at me curiously, and I grasped at my emotions, trying to keep my cool as names that don’t bare repeating thundered out of the phone.  Some of them were so loud that I couldn’t help hearing, and I knew Ethan could too.  I turned the volume down.

A break in the rant made me put the phone up to my ear again and try to reason politely.  “Sir, I apologize, I’ll come as fast as I can, I just don’t have a car, and so I am going to be late-“

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Retelling of the Frog Prince

The Frog Prince

Once upon a time, there lived a king.  He had two daughters, the elder was beautiful, sensible, and happily married to a neighboring prince.  The younger was a little conceited, and proud of her looks, for she was ten times more lovely than her beautiful sister, but the core of her heart was good.  Her favorite pastime was to sit at the edge of a pond in the garden, and stare at her reflection while tossing and catching a small golden ball encrusted with gems.

One day, while she threw her ball up and caught it, she caught sight of a frog watching her from a lily pad in the middle of the pond.  Frogs were frequent around the water, but this one was different, and a little shiver ran up the princess’s spine when she looked into its big eyes.

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In the Coffee Shop Part 3

Coffee Mug

I established a routine after that.  I woke up, made myself breakfast, and got ready for work.  At exactly 7:30 AM, I walked through the door of the coffee shop and sat down at the same table every day.  Ethan was usually there, and he smiled as he slid my chocolate latte over the counter.  After about a week, he made it before I got there.  We would talk for a while, and sometimes he sat down with me, if there were no costumers.

When I finished my latte, I would look at my pocket watch, sigh regretfully, and start for the office.  I tried not to think about work much.  I did my job honestly and well, biting my tongue as my boss found fault with everything I did, my silence irritating him more than if I’d talked back.

In the evenings as I walked home, I passed the closed coffee shop.  In the apartment above it, one window was always bright.  The vines of a houseplant trailing out onto the sill.  And many times music drifted out of the open window.

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It’s Going to be OK

park pond

So often nowadays, it seems like stress is driving people up the wall.  They struggle with trying to juggle their crazy, busy lives with their job, family and hobbies and friends.

I think it’s time to slow down a little and relax.  Stop trying to save the world single handedly, you can’t.  People have been trying for years and it hasn’t worked.

Take a deep breath, everything is going to be ok.  God’s got this.  He’s been saving the world for six thousand years, he can handle it.

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